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Law Enforcement

Southern Protection will provide you with certified law enforcement personnel to assist with major holidays, special events, and specific issues that call for a more aggressive approach. These officers have a vested interest in your site or property as they are employed on a regular basis by our company and they participate in our training programs with our security guards to maintain the highest level of service and professionalism with a proactive approach.

Southern Protection is one of the few companies in the business that has been granted permission to utilize State Patrol Officers on non-state contracted sites. This is credited to our company’s reputation and the level of insurance that we provide our police officers separate from their department.

  • Traffic Control

  • Lane Closures

  • Escorts

  • Executive Protection

  • Loss Prevention

  • Movie Sets

  • Labor Disputes

  • Special Events

  • Workplace Violence Protection

  • Estate Security

Permit Expediting

Permit Expediting​

In the building industry, time and permit processing mistakes equals money. We can help you save both time and money by utilizing a systematic and expeditious approach to fulfilling all regulatory requirements of your local government.

We expedite both commercial and residential permits of all kinds, and understand the difficulties and challenges the average person or business faces when dealing with the government regulatory departments.

Give us a call when you need an aggressive strategic approach to your permitting needs. We successfully obtain over 150 municipal and state approvals per month for our clients from over 12 states for projects of all types and sizes.

Traffic Management Equipment

Southern Protection Agency specializes in providing our customers, employees and the public a safe work zone while maintaining an efficient flow of traffic. We combine many years of experience with new approaches and technologies to provide a fresh, progressive direction in the traffic control industry. You call; we haul….Its that simple. Contracting with several local municipalities allows us the ability to keep our delivery trucks on the road 24/7 and available for service straight to you. All trucks come manned with a LEVEL II traffic technician on board.

  • Full Service/Installation/Pick-up

  • Temporary Striping

  • 24hr Availability & Emergency Response

  • Single & Multi Lane Closures

  • Special Events/Filming/Private Events

  • Temporary “No Parking” Sign Installation

  • Road Closures & Detours

  • Short & Long Term Projects

  • Certified Flagmen

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