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Many golf tournaments offer high-value material and cash prizes thus calling for additional security. Modern video security technology and security patrol is increasingly being used on the golf course. Traditional golf course security concerns centered on vandalism, trespassing, and burglary. These are still important but have less significance than they used to in the face of violent crime occurring on or near the golf course. Golf course crime is increasing with today’s economy issues. Golfers have to not only worry about their game but, their safety as well. Southern Protection Agency has experience in security and maintaining security on public and private golf courses. We offer experienced golf cart patrols to hidden cameras installed along the course. This deters vandalism, robbery, etc. All cameras are IP addressable. Let Southern Protection Agency take care of your concerns so you can get back into the game!

  • CCTV Camera’s And Monitoring Systems

  • Golf Cart Patrol

  • Vehicle Patrol

  • Access Control

  • CPR/ First Aid

  • Law Enforcement (Special Events)

  • GPS Tracking (accountability) Of Your Officer In Real-Time, Anywhere, Anytime You Have Internet Service

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