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About Southern Protection Agency Inc.

Southern Protection Agency tailors its professional services to Hotels, Retail Business including Malls, Private Events, Residential and Gated/Gold communities: Home Owners Associations (HOA), Property Owners Associations (P.O.A.) as well as high rise communities. 

Each community has a unique personality, location, layout, traffic flow, specialized facilities, customized bylaws, and homeowner preferences must all be considered when providing security services. Additionally, as a community grows, its needs change, and therefore, its rules and regulations evolve. 

Southern Protection Agency goes above and beyond the normal expectations of a security firm:

  • Management Attends Board Meetings

  • Tailor Post Orders Specific To Your Community

  • Participate in Traffic Committee Review Boards

  • Providing Banners for Holidays and Activities

  • Vacation and Welfare Home Checks

  • Monthly Safety Articles for Resident Newsletters

  • DOT Signage for Road Maintenance, Natural Disasters or Special Events

With the employment of off-duty law enforcement, we are able to utilize their expertise and place them in our training program so that you are getting a lot more than just a guard, you are getting a highly trained and diverse professional that can change roles in a matter of seconds.

Law Enforcement



Uniform Security

About our Officers

Responding to medical emergencies and house alarms are the most important duties of a patrol officer. A 40-hour First Responder course with constant training drills insures that patrol officers are able to respond and perform under high stress situations. Officers are trained in accordance with State guidelines on the following procedures:​

  • Identifying Suspicious Behavior

  • Securing Homes and Detecting Forced Entry

  • Responding to Emergencies

  • Monitoring Traffic Controls

  • Conducting Recorded Video Traffic Stops

  • Pin-pointing Audible Alarms

  • Maintaining Sporadic Patrol Procedures

  • Vacation Home Checks

  • Emergency Registry Programs

  • Establishing Emergency Lane Closures

  • Clearing Debris/Road Hazard From Roadway

We train our officers on:
  • Reviewing CCTV Replays

  • Examining Computer Entries

  • Dispatching

  • Phone Calls/Passes

  • Gate Access software

  • Emergency Gate House Operations

  • 911 Dispatch

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